To Do

Here's a list of things I can't wait to do:
Mustache Tee
Ruffle Necklace
Sew a New Dress for Me
More Camera Strap Covers (I can't get enough of them)
Fix Up My New Drawing Board
Become Super Great at Sewing
Tile the Bathroom Counter
Get Good at Editing My Photos 
Make a Ruffle Camera Strap
Felt Wallet 
 Design and Build a Garden
Get More Fabric (A Girl Can Never Have Enough!)
Ruffle Tank 
Naughty Stool 
Makeup Bag
Little Boy Suspenders 
Fix Up the Craft Room Dresser
Make a Pine Cone Picture Frame
Children's Apron

Here's  A Few Requests From My Husband:
Start a Compost Bin
Make Our Boys a Sandbox
Learn How to Make Cheese and Salami

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