Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kids Cape

Here I go, this is my first post for my new blog. I wanted to create a blog about some of my crafty projects.

I made this cape for Mr. E, it was super easy, and turned out pretty cute.

  • First I took a piece of fabric and cut it to the size of my son. 
  • I left the edges raw, so it gave it a funky vintage look (and because it was easy)
  • I did a stencil of the letters on freezer paper.
  • I cut it out, then positioned it how I wanted on the fabric for the cape.
  • I then ironed it (lifting the iron up and down).
  • I put a piece of cardboard under the fabric so my paint wouldn't go through.
  • I then mixed my acrylic paint with my fabric Medium and painted it on the fabric (It took several coats of paint).
  • I peeled the freezer paper off.
  • I let it dry completely.
  • After it was dry I put a piece on fabric on where I painted and ironed it. (it prevents fading in the wash)
  • I attached some velcro at the top.
...and Voila, DONE!

1 comment:

Seamingly Smitten said...

I bet he loves his cape...too cute!

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