Friday, August 20, 2010

Blog Swap With Keeping It Simple

Hello everyone!! I'm super excited to be with you today.
Let me introduce myself, I'm Kaysi

Keeping It Simple

Here are a few things about me:
I am the mother of three boys, ages 5, 3 and 1
I have been married an amazing man for 6 years
I love chocolate!!
I love color, green is my favorite but brown and blue are up there
I like to keep things simple, not overdo them
When I get a spare moment, I love to craft or look at crafts
Each day of the week, I have something different.
Motivate me Monday, that's where I have link party and you get to show me all the cute things that you have done.
Tutorial Tuesday, I give a tutorial of a craft that I have done
Whatever Wednesday, this is my day that I put anything up.
Scrapbook Thursday, this is the day that I post a scrapbook idea or give a scrapbook tip
Fridays are the days that I do Blog swaps with other bloggers.
I thought I would share a little tutorial on how to make little bracelets. Like most everything I do, this is super easy and cheap! I made these for all my boys' girl friends. They love them because they don't fall off when they are playing!
I want to apologize for the ugly cranberry carpet, I do a lot of crafts on the floor and I happened to do this in my bedroom (I despise that carpet!)
This is what you will need:
glue gun
3 yards of ribbon
12 inches of second ribbon
shower curtain ring

This is how you do it:
1) Close the ring (I forget to that several times) and then put a dab on glue on the ring

2) Singe the edges of the ribbon and put it in the glue

3) Wrap the ribbon around the ring, pull it really tight to prevent bubbles. As you are doing it, hold the wrapped ribbon with your other hand so it doesn't come lose. You can also use a clip. I didn't because it seemed to get in the way.

4) Continue wrapping until you get to the end and glue the end down. You will leave the middle section.

5) With the other ribbon, tie a bow on the top. I glue the bow together.

Just like that you have a cute bracelet. Here are all the different ones that I made
**One thing I learned while doing this, the bracelet looks much cuter when you wrap the ribbon in the same spot each time. So when I was doing the brown and pink ribbon, each time I wrapped it, I put the ribbon right on the pink strip.
Thanks for doing this blog swap with me Macey!

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Suzy @ Joy Is At Home said...

This is a really cute idea! You could probably make them into those tags for wine glasses or any kind of glass with a stem! love it!

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