Friday, November 19, 2010

Guest Post: Kojo Designs

I'm a blog swap today... I'm so happy to introduce you to Kojo Designs. It's a wonderful blog  with so many great ideas, please head on over and check it out I know you will enjoy it as much as I do!
Here you go...

Hello there! We're Kirstin and Jordan, sisters who blog at kojodesigns. Macey was kind enough to put together a fabulous tutorial for our Gifts for Guys series, so we're here to share a great Christmas ornament idea with y'all today as well!

There are just so many things to love about these no sew, nearly free, super easy, fabric scrap utilizing little gems! I had everything to make them on hand in my craft room (you might need to run to the dollar store for a pack of foam balls, but even then, the whole project will just cost a dollar). The best part? All of the scraps are bits from projects I made this year, so the ornament turned into a little mini-collage of my recent sewing projects. Fun, right?

To make a ruffle pomander ornament, gather:
-a mini foam ball (this one is an inch or two in diameter)
-fabric scraps (I used about twenty little circles)
-sewing pins (again, about twenty)
-leftover ribbon

*Before we start, I'm sorry about the quality of the pictures... most of my crafting happens after Burke goes to sleep, when natural light is a little sparse.

1. Cut your fabric scraps into little circles- a bit bigger than a quarter. Don't worry about accuracy here, just generally round shapes will do.

2. Using a crochet hook, poke a hole through your foam ball. I got a whole pack of mini foam balls at the dollar store awhile back.
3. Pull a ribbon through the hole and tie it off at the bottom.

4. Gather one of your scrappy circles into a ruffle-y shape. Pin through the fabric to bunch/secure. Poke the pin into the foam ball.

5. Continue poking 'ruffles' into your foam ball. Because I'm OCD, I tried to evenly disperse the colors according to quadrant (I went by color, using up all of the yellow and evenly dispersing it then moving on to orange, then pink, etc.), but this is probably excessive. To help with equality in amount of ruffle condensation, it is helpful to cover the entire foam ball sparsely and then go back and fill in the gaps.

6. When your pomander looks nice and full and ruffle-y, you're done! Even with my weird, perfectionistic tendencies, I think this whole process took 20 minutes. Fabulous!

Thanks for having us today Macey... we'd love to see y'all at the kojodesigns blog!


Ambrosia said...

Oh, I love this! I think I'll have to head over to the dollar store today for the foam balls. Definitely on my list to do!

Sandy Ang said...

These look really pretty !

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