Friday, November 26, 2010

Guest Post - Sandy's Space

Hi, this is Sandy Ang
from sunny, little Singapore. I’m a crafter who loves card-making, paper construction and creating
altered objects. I enjoy sharing my design idea and tips through projects tutorials. You can find
more of my work and tutorials on my

19 Butterflies Pop-Up

Today I'm sharing a tutorial for creating a multi-step pop-up card.

Here are the front and back views of my 6"x4" card.

Follow this template to create the interior pop-up.

  1. Copy the template onto 6" x 8" cardstock
  2. Use a penknife to cut along the solid lines
  3. Accordian fold along the dotted lines

  4. Cut out some butterflies as embellishments

  5. Here's the side-view of the decorated diagonal pop-up 'steps'

  6. The front-view after I've added 18 butterflies

  7. And finally
    everything folds flat

  8. Ready to be popped into it's matching envelop.

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Sandy Ang said...

Thanks for featuring my card !

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