Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrift Store? I Think So!

Since we live in a small town without a Target, Michaels, Dollar Store or pretty much any big name stores, I have been trying to take advantage of what this town does have to offer.

I've been to the thrift stores a few times to get a wreath or candlestick holders. While shopping there, I discovered some of the thrift stores have great selections of craft supplies. They always have fabric, ribbon, buttons and who knows what else. There's always some sort of fun surprise!
Here's what I came up with on my latest trip.
 Ribbon. Yes lot's of ribbon. 50+ styles and colors of ribbon!

Each bundle has about a yard or more. 
And the best part, I got all of this ribbon for $1.00.
Such a steal. 
I think I have enough ribbon to last me quite some time.
If you haven't discovered your local thrift stores, I encourage you to do so, even if you live in a big town. 
Who knows what you can find!


Ashley said...

oh my word, I have never thought to look for crafts at the thrift store! SMART! That is a steal, gotta check into that, thanks!

Ellen said...

Wow, what a great deal!! I love my local thrift stores!

Anonymous said...

That really is a steal! Great find.

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