Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pottery Barn Inspired Kids Chairs

Pottery Barn Inspired Summer Chairs

 I saw these cute Adirondack Chairs in Pottery Barn Kids. I thought we had a few chairs like that from last summer for the boys. I headed out to my barn and there they sat. I knew they would be perfect for this Pottery Barn inspired project.

These chairs came from Ace Hardware last summer (They're selling them again this summer!). I want to say they were on sale for around $5 (they came in 4 colors too!).

All I did was print out my boys names on my Silhouette and put them on the chairs.
It was that easy. 

I already liked the chair color, so there was no painting or anything fancy.
It took me only a few minutes.

I know they are a little different, but mine cost about $5 and the Pottery Barn costs $79. For the price difference, I'm VERY happy with mine!


Robin@thesweetestpear said...

Cute chairs. Love your practical approach, and thrifty too! Stop by The Sweetest Pear to visit sometime!

Jennifer S. said...

Great Idea and very simple too..Love that! Thanks for sharing...came over to check out your blog from TT&J :)

Sommer said...

Oh I've seen these chairs at our Ace Hardware! I'm ashamed to admit I've had my silhouette for a year and never ordered any vinyl for it! I really really need to but for some reason I just haven't. I'd love to make some chairs like this though. I would love if you could stop by and link up to my VIP party tonight. Otherwise it runs every Friday through the weekend =)

Lesley said...

Thank for posting this! I am totally going to be making a few of these.

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