Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tips for Cheap Supplies

Since my husband works at a hardware store, he thought this would be some good information to share with all my blogging buddies out there:

Cheap Paint:
Hardware stores and paint shops generally have a number of miss tint paints that you can get at a discount.
Here's a tip: If you find a color that you like but it's not quite the color you want, they can add tint to it to get it closer to the desired color, and you may still get a discount.

Cheap Lumber:
Most lumber yards have a discount bin of cut ends or damaged wood that you can get for free or at a generous discount. If you are going to paint it anyway, who cares what it looks like if it's free!


Kaysi said...

Great tips!

zeshuregi said...

Macey,your tip is very nice!!!thank you,I read your profile,me too like easy fun crafts and inexpensive,that's why i am following your blog now!!!

zeshuregi said...

Hey I feel some problem to following your blog!!!!what's the matter

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