Friday, January 28, 2011

A Day in My Life

Here's an average day in my life, a wife and a stay at home mom of two kids under 3.

It's 5:38am
Elio's yelling for me, but Kyle gets up with him, and turns on morning cartoons.
A few minutes later I drag myself out of bed, make it and head into the living room.
I print a template off the internet for our craft day later this afternoon.
Switch the laundry over, because I realize I forgot to do it last night. I delay starting a new load because I know there will be more before the morning is over.
Nico diaper change.
Grab my laptop and a cup of coffee and sit down for a bit.
Within a few minutes both boys are sitting in the chair with me.
The boys are being pretty cute sitting with me. Elio's playing with his firetruck that makes a lot of noise and Nico is trying to give Elio open mouth kisses.
Nico climbs down and up onto the other chair, he's attempting to climb up on the end table.
Kyle's been showering and getting ready for work. He comes out of the back and gets the fireplace going and starts his truck.
The boys know, when they here the truck start it's almost time for daddy to leave.
Elio's watching Dora the Explorer and talking to the tv. Nico's crying for some reason.
Alright Nico's back in my lap.
Elio realizes daddy's leaving and runs to the front door. Oh, and now he's naked  playing the recorder.
I get up and vacuum the house, but not before picking up all the toys on the floor.
Daddy stacks some wood on the front porch and comes inside.
At this point Elio is playing the recorder much louder since the vacuum is going.
Elio refuses to get off the couch to hug dad since the vaccume is on. I turn it off and we give daddy hugs.
I start the vacuum again and Elio realizes he needs to go potty. I turn it off and open the bathroom door.
Start the vacuum again and finish.
Sit back down to blog.
I put the dishes away. I don't bother washing any though, because I know there will be more shortly.
Time to make the boys breakfast. Today, it's Yogurt and toast for Elio, blueberries, strawberries and toast for Nico.
Elio comes in the kitchen using the vacuum attachments like a sword. I tell him his breakfast is ready for the 3rd time. The boys sit down and eat.
I grab my second cup of joe and head to the living room. I put the vacuum away and sit down.
It's 7:17am.
Oh wait, I should pick up E's room, so I go make his bed, organize his shoes, and pick up his laundry. I also find four sippy cups/ bottles and bring them to the kitchen
I gather the rest of the laundry and start a load.
Elio's done with breakfast. Wipe him down, and he goes to the living room to play. I sit down to take a sip of  coffee and blog.
It's 7:27
Oh, now Nico's done with breakfast, and needs a diaper change.
Find a great deal online for Parents Magazine 8 bucks for 2 years, I use for the order and I will get 4% back in cash,  plus 5% of my order will be donated to FBHS. I place my order!
Trying to do a little work on my Olivia Renn blog.
Elio's back sitting with me. Nico almost dumped over my coffee, that is now cold.
New post up, good thing I finished up the other night because Elio wants to go let the chickens out.
Get the boys dressed and go outside:

I dig the wagon out of the garage and head down to the chicken coup.
Elio has to go potty, so he goes, but doesn't pull his shirt up all the way and pees on it.
I drop the Christmas tree stand off at the barn and head back to the house.
Elio really wants to stop and swing, but since Nico is shivering, I convince him not to.
I tell him we need to go take a bath. 
He does not want to come in the house, so he stays outside and plays in front of the garage, me and Nico watch from inside.
I start my post for Craigslist- Free Chicken! (we have a chicken that's mean to the kids)
it's 8:09am 
A few minutes later E comes in and we head to the bathroom.
The boys take a "hot tub" (that's what Elio calls the bath) while I shower. You must be thinking we have a huge shower, well, the answer is no. We have a standard size shower tub combo. So we bathe together, if we didn't I would never get a shower, and I like to shower daily.
Every time I'm in the shower stand there and think about how when we remodeled our bathroom, we should have done the shower too. Oh well I guess.
I get out of the shower, while the boys stay in the hot tub, it gives me a little time to pull myself together.
This is what I see staring back at me:

 While I'm not looking Nico climbs out of the tub and falls on the bathroom floor. It's time to get the boys out.
I get make Nico some milk and get him dressed. He's getting grumpy (maybe because he fell, poor little guy) so he goes down for a nap.
While I'm getting Nico dressed and ready for nap, Elio gest a game ready for us to play, Hi Ho Cherry-O.
I sit down to play with E and then he has to go potty. So I open the door and while he's going I put a piece of wood on the fire.
We play, and I win. It was a close game, but his bucket spilled at the last minute.  He's a good little gamer though.
Elio wants to play again. He takes the spinner apart, and wants to put it back together himself. So while he does that, I work on my craigslist post.
This time Elio wins!
I turn on the babysitter TV and go blow dry my hair and get the bathroom picked up.
Put my smart one breakfast in the microwave, switch laundry and start a new load. The clothes out of the dryer will have to wait a little bit.
While I'm waiting for my breakfast to cool down I get E a snack.
I grab some water and sit down to eat.
It's 9:15
Just as I finish my last bite, I hear Nico crying. He's awake and it's time for snuggles! He loves being held and cuddled after he wakes up, and I love it too.
It's 9:24
Both boys are eating their snacks, so I finish up my craigslist post. Then I decide I better get something done. I wash all the dishes from the morning.

These were just from this morning and a few cups I found around the house from yesterday.
I decide I better sweep too.

Eww, disgusting and embarrassing. The last time I swept was right before I made dinner last night. I couldn't image how much worse it would be if we all wore shoes in the house.
I sit down to blog, as I'm sitting here Elio starts stomping his snack into the carpet. I make him pick it up.
That little stinker. Oh, and Nico's eating a napkin.
It's 9:56
Realized I need to start working on this project for my brother / dad. So I get all the stuff out and start on it.
I iron and cut fabric, then the boys need another snack.
I'm tired, so I sit down for a minute and play with Nico.
It's 10:31
I go into the bathroom to start my hair and makeup, Nico comes in climbs on the toilet and spills his snack allover the ground.
Time to fold laundry. One load folded, go to get the second out of the dryer and smell something funny. Yes, it's the second poopy diaper of the day. Time to fold more laundry.
It's 11:07
Feeling super tired, so I heat up a cup of coffee (usually don't have that much coffee) and called my mom to chat. While I'm talking I put laundry away and have to kiss Elio's leg because he hurt it somehow. I love that if he's hurt and I kiss it it's instantly better!
Boys are playing in the playroom, so I sit down for a minute. Elio comes out and dumps a huge box of puzzle pieces (thanks uncle Richie) on the floor. Nico comes out crying, but then sit and plays with Elio.
I answer a couple of emails about my blog and see I was featured on someone's blog today. Yay!
Found a cute wedding idea on a blog and emailed it to my sister in law to be.
Tried to go finish my makeup, didn't get very far before Nico came in and started chewing on my makeup brushes. I guess that's as good as it's going to get for today.
It's 11:53
Going to play with boys for a bit and try to pick up playroom.
Go into the kitchen to start on lunch, and remember I need to make cookies for craft day this afternoon.
Make cookies (they're the pre-made kind) and lunch for boys. Then make mine and Kyle's lunch.
It's 12:42
Wash dishes, and try to pick up the house a little bit. There's toys scattered throughout the house and daddy should be home for lunch soon.
Forgot to set the timer for the second batch of cookies and burnt them. Oh goody, at least there's a few that came out good, less for me to eat.
Used the dust buster to clean up the squished food in the carpet and clean up around the stove.
The boys are outside playing now (I make E at least put on some undies, the kid loves to be naked so we embrace it), I decide to sweep the front porch off, it's a big mess.
Kyle's home! I get our lunch ready and we sit down to eat, while keeping an eye on the boys playing outside.
Elio, get's hurt twice and gets kisses.
Kyle say's "you might want to look at this."  I come look and this is what I see:

Yes. Nico is soaking wet, Elio sprayed him down with the hose. I strip Nico down, and they continue to play outside. Finally they are both cold and wet and decide to come in. I make some milk and they both go down for naps.
Kyle goes back to work, but takes the compost out for me before returning. Thanks Kyle!
Ahhh..I have a little free time before the moms come over at 3. Oh wait, not too much time, because
it's 2:14pm.
Time to sweep again and finish getting the house picked up, and set everything up for the craft day.

Another huge pile of dirt, and I swept only hours ago.
The moms and kids show up, we craft and have a great time. 
The last mom leaves around 5:00pm, and we get a surprise visit from Nonna and Nonno. They hang out for a bit then leave.
I pick up for a minute then, we bring our Valentines crafst over to the neighbors house and give it to them. We have to leave because Elio has to go potty.
We go back to our yard, pick up all the toys that were out front from the kids playing and  head back inside. 
I have to take a sucker away from Nico (he started chewing on it at the neighbors house) and he starts screaming, loud. Then I tell Elio he has to wait until after dinner to have his, and he starts crying too. 
I get all the stuff out of the fridge for dinner.
I get most of the dinner ready and then Kyle comes home. Yay, daddy's home. It's probably the part of the day that I look forward to the most, and so do the boys.
Kyle and the boys hang out while I finish making dinner.
We eat. Nico's done so he's running around, Elio gets excused, and the boys play in the livingroom while Kyle and I finish dinner. Elio squishes Nico between the chair the cushion, I have to holler at him to quit squishing he brother.
Then we do dishes. Nico tries to climb in the dishwasher. We finish up and I head to the living room, while Kyle gets his guitar out.
Elio has to go potty, and before we know it, Nico's splashing around in there. Daddy get's Nico cleaned up.
We head to the living room, a few minutes later Kyle goes to the kitchen, and realizes Nico's been playing in the trash. Kyle picks up the empty meat tray, and I clean Nico's hands.
He tunes up his guitar, while I blog, then plays for us.
It's 6:45
I'm watching Nico try to use one of his toys like a hammer and hit the guitar. I'm glad he is so patient.
Nico climbs on my lap, and then Elio comes over, we play.
I have to wipe Elio's hands because they are all sticky from the lollipop he's eating as desert.
Get Nico's jams and diaper, he runs from me and laughs when he sees me with them. I catch him and get him ready for bed. Kyle makes the milk and puts his guitar away.
Both boys come in the kitchen and I take Nico and put him in bed.
It's 7:04
Kyle, and Elio watch someone playing guitar on the computer while I read a magazine. 
Elio decides he wants to see his nipples, and takes his clothes off. He tries to have Kyle take his shirt off too, but Kyle refuses.
Elio takes my sippers off and checks out my toenail polish, Kyle and Elio have a discussion on why boys don't wear toenail polish. I think Elio's confused.
Elio comes over and gives me a kiss.
Then Elio gets up, and decides he wants to try to bite his wiener, Kyle and I can't help but laugh when he tries. 
Kyle puts Elio in his jammies, reads him a book and he goes to bed.
It's 7:24
Ahhh...time to relax with the hubby.
It was a fun day, full of activity, and we have another fun and busy day planned for tomorrow. I'm doing a little hair in the morning and the moms club is making enchilada's in the afternoon, plus we have a little grocery shopping to do.
I'm so tired I don't really feel like finishing my post (I think all this blogging wore me out) and loading the photos on the internet.  
I'll do it tomorrow.


Christina said...

Us mommies sure are busy!

Bella said...

Girl, I hear ya, I've never had more than one little one at a time, BUT, I can only imagine, wait don't want to do that either, lol. I don't know how you do it, but then again, don't know how I do it either. These kids, are hard, at least mine are, non stop all day, which means I have to be too, he he.

How have you been otherwise? Hopefully all is well.

Bella :)

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