Friday, May 6, 2011

Golf Ball Lamp

I'm LOVING thrift stores!

I've been getting lots of my supplies from them lately. There are always fun and unique things in thrift stores which equals great crafting projects!

For my project today, I used:
old golf balls
a drill
an old lamp, 
spray paint
and an astro turf doormat. 

I took a plain old lamp. My husband took the part where you put the bulb in off for me, and I don't know how he did it, or what tools he used.

I drilled holes in the golf balls

I used claps to hold the ball in place, it made it easier than using my hands.

Slide the golf balls on, one by one.

Take your doormat and cut it to the same size as the base of your lamp. You'll have to cut a little slit in it to fit around the pole where the golf ball sits.

 I love the grass (door mat) on the bottom, it gives it kinda a funky look. I chose to leave the golf balls dirty, I liked the look of it.

I spray painted the lampshade a blue / gray color.

Here it is, all together. It would be so much fun on a office desk, or even a sporty kids room.

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